Sunday, 7 November 2010

Ahead of the Game, Just

Finally caught up and recovered from my first day NaNo nightmare on Friday and today I got ever so slightly ahead by about a 100 words. So now that I'm caught up and I've getting into the swing of things hopefully this coming week I'll get ahead of myself. I have to say I'm enjoying myself and the story I'm telling. Hitting the 50,000 words and winning wouldn't be that important to, just getting a bit of momentum going has been good. I'd be happy if I came away from NaNO with a little more discipline and writing fitness and settle for developing the habit of writing a thousand words a day. However, I actually think I shouldn't settle and can do more. Plus there's 50% off Scrivener for NaNo winners and damned if I don't want that discount!

Day 1: 644

Day 2: 1,366
Day 3: 2,245
Day 4: 1,812
Day 5:2,287
Day 6: 1,684
Day 7: 1,724

Week 1 Total: 11,762

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