Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Til Kindle Come

Well I thought if I'm going to part of the Kindle writing revolution I might as well be part of the Kindle reading revolution. So my Kindle is winging its way to me me now as we speak (or blog).
 I really wanted an ipad, but I have a laptop and a desktop PC so a tablet pc was a bit an extravagance
considering the price. Besides eink. Plus amazon. I love, and am rather fond of The nookbook, and the Sony reader are worth a look, I love all the .LIT books and pdf's I have, but yeah. Kindle. Nice.

I have a ton of ebooks in a variety of formats I've bought over the years. Mainly .Lit and pdf so calibre is handy as that converts everything to mobi (kindle) format.

Anyway, yeah. Getting a kindle soon. Writing for kindle today. Hoping kindle will do good things for authors tomorrow.

In the meantime waiting patiently til Kindle come.

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