Saturday, 19 February 2011

Spoke Too Soon . . .

. . . When I said my WIP had died on its arse. I added another few thousand words taking it to 57,634 in total. I decided I’d plug on even though a) it's not the genre I want to write in and b) the way I’m writing it, it is going to need a big rewrite. Both these reasons apply to my first novel attempt which died after just 36,000 words. I’m also going to give that another try.


Because I believe that not finishing a project is a bad habit for a writer to get into. I’m going to finish both. I doubt I’ll ever publish them, but I’m going to finish first drafts, and at least one rewrite. This is not just stubbornness on my part. I hope to learn and improve by doing this. These unfinished works won’t be my main priority, I’m planning a 50K novella that is a) in the genre I want to write in, and b) written in a way that works better for me. But I will chip away at them until they’re finished. However long that takes.

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