Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Much Ado

Okay, I doubt anyone is interested in my word counts or 'to do lists', but I use this blog as a kind a virtual desk and they're good motivational fodder for me.

To Do List

In Progess: Keep pluging away at . . .

1) April A-Z Challenge at Redwald Blog
2) Editing Ice Wastes Monster story.
3) Writing WIP 2 - Lembek of the Towers
4) Writing WIP 4 - Dungeon Bastards

Needs doing . . .

1) Groundwork for WIP 1 - Peredur strory
2) Rethink last Ellen Chapter for WIP 3 - Beware the Sorcery of the Bookseller
3) Organise list of jobs needed to finish Redwald 1st draft.
4)  Look over outline for Arman story
5) Convert Magus from Scriptgold to First Draft format.
6) Work up some random tables for Lester Dent Pulp project.
7) Think about Cutter's Lurk story. Where is it going?
8) Format Art & Soul and Cap'n Jethro for XinXii.Com
9) Expand Smashwords info for Art & Soul and Cap'n Jethro
10) Reread and write review for How to Write a Damn Good Novel


Misha said...

You have a lot to do!

I only have 2:

1) Finish my beast of an Epic
2) Get through 1000 a-z challenge posts.

Thanks for the follow!

Lee Reynoldson said...

Cheers, for popping by and thanks for the comment.

I'm kinda jealous I just can't focus on one project at a time. If I need to stop and think about something I panic in case a day not writing turns into two days, and spirals into a month of bugger all writing and lots of thinking about it. I find if I have multiple projects on the go I can stop and think about stuff for as long as I need, and still have other stuff to work so I keep writing.