Monday, 5 December 2011

Hello Old Friend

My (considerably) better half, bless her, has treated me to this poster to hang in the office where I do my writing.

When I was a kid this poster used to hang over the fireplace in our living room. This would be in '76 or '77 and a few years before I read the Hobbit, let alone LotRs. I was fascinated by it especially the smaller background details and the Mordor Orcs that are crawling around the edges. For me this is what Orcs always look like. Not the barbaric green hulks of World of Warcraft, or the Pig Faced Orcs of AD&D, but these slightly shabby, very human looking, slightly comical, but still somehow nasty and intimidating fellows. Same with Gandalf and the Hobbits.

The artist who drew this is Jimmy Cauty, and he was 17 when he painted this. Which blows my mind when I think about it. That's a lot of talent to have at that age.

Anyway, I look forward to writing with this hanging on the wall of my office and look forward to as much inspiration as it provided when I was kid.


Al said...

I have this on my living room wall.

Interestingly, Jimmy went on to become one half of the band "The KLF"

David Macauley said...

I too used to have this poster. A nice stroll down memory lane. :-)

Lee Reynoldson said...

Interestingly, Jimmy went on to become one half of the band "The KLF"

When I was 17 I had their first album "1987 What the F**k's Going On?". They were called the JAMMS back then, short for Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, as I'm sure you know. Luckily I managed to snag my copy before Abba forced them to pull it from the shelves. I had the second album too, "Kick Out the JAMMS". Both were pretty insane.

gregarious monk said...

This poster takes me back. Wow. I remember seeing this poster mounted on wood and coated with acrylic resin back in the day.

That was around the same time my dad got me to read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, then took me to see the Ralph Bakshi rotoscope animated film.

Lee Reynoldson said...

Ha, I had to wait a long time to see Baksi film. Until it was out on . . . was gonna say dvd. Ha. Had to wait until it came out on video in the UK. Mind you I had to wait a hell of a long time for the next one. :D