Monday, 30 May 2011

Mayday! Mayday!

If I had one I'd have sent up a flare, turned a flag upside down, sent out an S.O.S. May has been crappy writingwise, less than 5k words. Mostly due to laziness and decorating. Ho-hum. Looking forward to June. In other (non)news I turned 41, and this blog turned 3 on Sunday.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Streaking Ahead

Dean Wesley Smith's blog is excellent, and I've been following it for awhile now. One of the things he's keen on is work rate. Unsurprisingly a good work rate leads to success for writers. One of the techniques he mentions is putting together a streak: seeing how many consecutive days you can write on.  I thought I'd give it ago. I started on March the 5th and finished 50 days later on April 23rd knowing I wouldn't be able to write on Easter Sunday due to family commitments. It worked well for me, upped my work rate, and 50 days isn't bad for a 1st attempt. Of course, now I'll have to try again, just to beat that first 50 day streak. Since then I've been goofing off , not done much of anything so back to work tomorrow.


1st: 745
3rd: 876
4th: 374
5th: 583
6th: 800
7th: 714
8th: 667
9th:  587
10th: 502
11th: 541
12th: 634
13th: 614
14th: 621
15th: 644
16th: 608
17th: 636
18th: 556
19th: 586
20th: 621
21st: 130
22nd: 286
23rd: 323
24th: 0
25th: 660
26th: 619
27th: 537
28th: 0
29th: 0
30th: 0

April Total: 15,483
April Average: 516
Current Streak: 0
Streak Record: 50