Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Random Blog post about 5th Edition . . .

. . . so 5th edition Tunnels & Trolls has long been a favourite of mine.

Sorry couldn’t resist.

Right. 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. I like what I’m hearing. Mind you I liked what I was hearing about 4th edition before that was released, liked what I read when I got my PHB and DMG, loved it as I made a ton of characters, and goofed around doing test combats. Ran it. Didn’t like it. Never ran it again. Went back to Basic and had a ton of fun learning about 0e. Which I missed back in the day, what with me only being 4 years old when it was released. Never felt the need to tell folks that love 4e they were on the internet being wrong. After all, it’s the 3.5 and Pathfinder folks that are wrong . . . 

. . . I kid. 

Well kinda. I’m not keen on anything I’ve heard or seen about 3.5, but I still don’t feel the need to tell 3.5/Pathfinder fans to stop being on the internet being wrong about D&D.

As is expected there are more than a few folks who are cynical about the design team’s stated aim, to unite all D&D players, of all edition, under a happy-clappy-touchy-feely-hippy-dippy universal umbrella of D&D love. Perhaps they’re fearful it’ll be ‘one edition to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them’ evil D&D. 

There are also of course a few 4e fans in a panic – ohh noes what will become of the DDI – Can’t say I blame them. Despite WotC statement that they’ll keep DDI and Companion and support 4e. It obviously won’t get as much support from here on in, and less when 5e launches.

If anyone should be worrying about 5e; it should be Paizo. I’m pretty sure top of WotC agenda for 5e has to be regain the players (or market share if you’re cynically inclined) they lost to Paizo and Pathfinder. Personally I think if there’s anything WotC need to learn from Paizo it’s: sell good modules, Adventure Path type campaigns, and settings. That and be nice. Whenever I hear good stuff about Pathfinder, it’s not the rules people are buzzing about; it’s how great Paizo are to deal with, and positives about the setting and adventures.

An edition of D&D that will please all  fans is a big ask, a near impossible task perhaps, and the cynical gamers amongst have every right to say it’s nothing more than ‘empty marketing speak’ from Wizards, but I hope they pull it off. I’d love an edition that allowed you to play a stripped down 0e style game, an elegant Basic style game, add a ton of options to recreate the AD&D feel, add more to play 3.5, different options to get 4e, and  random grab bag of ‘shit you think might be fun’ and play 5e style, and still be able to house rule and DIY it to Planescape and back.

A ‘Rosetta Clone’ that is also ‘The New Shiny’ would be cool. It would be great if everyone who liked D&D was playing D&D. Besides, my Modlvay Basic is looking a bit dog eared.


ralfast said...

Yeah, another addition. I actually liked 4e, better than the 3.x bastardization that turned into a nightmare for DMs when it came time to write adventures (all those damned monster+character levels!) or how 3.5 was supposed to fix things and made it worse.

The problem for me is not a new edition, is the bloat that comes after with a bunch of new rules that swamp the original (supposedly) easy-to-use rule set. I would go back to earlier editions but then I look at the saves (Save vs. Wands?) and THACO and go...no thank you.

Oh well....I'll go back and play Dragon Age one more time.

Lee Reynoldson said...

Have you seen any of the OSR (old school renaissance)systems? Swords & Wizardry: White Box for example is a retro-clone of the 1974 orginal D&D, but uses ascending AC and a single Saving Throw. There's also Labyrinth Lord which is a very faithful retro-clone of the 1981 Moldvay/Cook Basic and Expert rules.

ralfast said...

I can't say I have, but I will check them out. Maybe they can bring back the old magic into my group.

Lee Reynoldson said...

Well you can get free pdf versions of them all if you wanna take a look . . .

Swords & Wizardry: WhiteBox (Original D&D)

Labyrinth Lord (Basic)