Friday, 21 December 2012

I, Novelist

This morning I wrote 2,374 of the easiest words I ever wrote, the last two of which were 'The End'. 

I have written my first novel. 

At 64,815 words it's a short novel, but the longest finished piece I've ever written. I have completed short stories/novelettes at 12,000 words and under, and I also have two unfinished novels at 54k words, and 39k words languishing in the virtual trunk. But at 64k words this is my longest finished work. 

It is of course shit, but it's finished shit and as my favourite sweary blogging writer Chuck Wendig says finishing your shit is one of the Secret's to Writing. As is trying not to suck. So I shall edit, and rewrite my shit novel, and that will probably make it at least 10% less shit, but no matter how shit it is I can take consolation in the fact that Hemingway said 'the first draft of anything is shit' and as shit as it is it's still a thousand times better than any number of unfinished novels!

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