Friday, 28 June 2013

Weird Lies Pre-order

Weird Lies is available for pre-order at £9.00 plus free P&P in the uk (£12 for Europe, £15 for the US and elsewhere in the world).

More than twenty tales, varying in style from stories not out of place in One Thousand and One Nights, to the completely bemusing.
Discover mirrors that predict the immediate future and museums where your personal future life is exhibited in the kind of ephemeral objects that might normally find their way into a dustbin.
Meet tadpoles, lazy assassins, and assiduous poisoners; observe deals with the devil, and workplace stress taken to its logical conclusion.
Heroes, villains, and animals – anything and anyone could provide the twist in the tale – cursed travellers, persistent dreamers, aliens, robots and even ice might be the object, or source, of love.

More details here.


Adam Parkinson said...

I forgot about the kickstarter! :O glad to see it got funded. I'll be ordering my copy. Any chance you can tell us what your story is about?

Lee Reynoldson said...

Hey, Adam

The Kickstarter didn't fund, so Arachne Press are using more trad methods of funding.

My story is called Haiku Short, Parakeet Prawns, Konnichiwa Peter and if I had to say what it's about, I'd guess I'd say it's about the damage you do to your soul when you suppress your dreams, and desires. Or summat like that.